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A semester abroad in Canada

Fanny’s testimony about her experience abroad in Canada during her second year of the Engineering Program

“I chose to do a semester abroad at UQAM in Canada during my second year for several reasons: to discover a new culture, a new teaching method and take courses oriented in the field of pure computer science.
I spent four months fully immersed in North American culture and even though the official language of Quebec is French, I have improved my English. I have also discovered another way of teaching and therefore of learning. Studying computer science outside the geomatics framework has allowed me to acquire different knowledge and methods that will be very useful for me, during my internship and later in my professional life.
This four-month adventure in a foreign country has turned my eating, speaking and weather habits upside down. It took me out of my comfort and allowed me to discover new things that enriched my openness.”

Updated the 6 August 2019