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Academic Programs (M2 Carthagéo)

The Master 2 Carthagéo is centered on the management, analysis and processing of geographic data as well as their cartographic restitutions (dynamic mapping, webmapping). The Master 2 Carthageo is co-accredited between ENSG, Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and Paris 7 Diderot. For more informations about admissions please consult the websites of Paris 1 or Paris 7.

The master consists of two options:

- option 1 is for students who have followed a course in geography or human and social sciences (history, sociology, environment...).

- option 2 is intended for students who have completed a course in sciences for the engineer, or who have followed a university degree in computer science or mathematics. Candidates will take a more digital master’s course in geomatics.

The thematic and numerical component of geomatics is found in the teaching team, through university lecturers and researchers and engineers from ENSG and IGN. The team also relies on professionals, who intervene for both courses and project monitoring.


One of the specificities of the Master 2 Carthagéo is to articulate the modeling and representation of geographic information around spatial analysis methods.
With the explosion of the production of geolocalised data, it is more than ever necessary to master all these techniques and models for applying formal structures to these systems. These methods occur at several stages in the process from data modeling to knowledge extraction and diffusion of analyzes through editorial mapping or webmapping.
Teaching couples methodological and technical approaches. It includes courses in GIS, database modeling and programming allowing the implementation of these methods on applied issues in the fields of environment, sustainable city...

For further information:
Contact the information service of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University (fr).
Contact the information service of the Paris Diderot Paris 7 University (fr).

Updated the 4 December 2018