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Academic Programs (MS PDM)

IFP School launched in September 2016, in partnership with ENSG, a new training program in the field of Petroleum Data Management (PDM).


The PDM program is unique and innovative in the world of energy. It aims to train specialists able to manage (manipulate, organize, integrate and preserve) all the data acquired in the field of exploration and exploitation of natural resources, especially oil, natural gas and water. These data are strategic because they have a strong heritage and economic value, but they are heterogeneous, complex and bulky. The industry therefore needs engineers who can develop more and more sophisticated applications and tools to sort, analyze and store this data.

Therefore, skills must be acquired by the students of the program in the following areas:

  • the chain of acquisition, processing and interpretation of all the types of data handled;
  • methods of sorting, organizing, storing, analyzing, preserving these data using innovative and efficient computer and software tools;
  • the creation and management of the EP database architecture;
  • IT project management methods essential to master the data chain and their governance.

This program comprises 5 modules, provided by the two institutions of higher education: 65% at IFP School (Rueil-Malmaison) and 35% at ENSG (Champs sur Marne), each in its areas of expertise. The program leads to the delivery of a specialized master’s degree, accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles. The training is provided exclusively in English.

The creation of the PDM program responds to the challenges posed by data revolution, which is underway in many industrial fields and opens new perspectives for the exploitation of natural resources. Data management is indeed a booming sector; the increasing abundance of data, the cost of their acquisition, the importance of their control over time, the preservation of heritage knowledge require the use of appropriate and effective methods and tools.

A new body of work has recently emerged in connection with data management, which is a real challenge for all companies in the oil and gas industry on a global scale (international, national or service companies). This leads to a diversification of existing skills in exploration-production and the creation of emerging professions in addition to and in support of traditional trades (geologist, geophysicist, reservoir engineer, driller, developer, project engineer).

These are new businesses with an increasing demand for experts on the subject such as Petroleum data manager, geo-information engineer, data management supervisor, geoscience data architect, data quality management engineer, or EP data analyst.

For further information
Download the presentation brochure of the specialized master’s degree PDM
Consult the presentation page of the Master’s degree course Specialized® Petroleum Data Management - PDM

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Updated the 24 April 2019