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Academic Programs (MS PPMD)

This Specialized Master’s degree in Photogrammetry, Positioning and Deformation Measurement (PPMD), accredited by the Conference of Grandes Ecoles (CGE), aims to train highly qualified specialists in remote sensing, photogrammetry, geodesy and metrology.

These techniques are at the basis of the constitution of geographic information (cartography, risk management, environment, urban planning), but they also serve other areas that require knowledge and monitoring of the position, form and the nature of terrestrial phenomena in three dimensions, from all types of images (aerial, terrestrial, satellite).


The core curriculum gives students strong skills in digital imaging (acquisition, form and exploitation of photographic information), in photogrammetry (implementation and processing of stereoscopic shooting and laser surveying), in geodesy (reference systems, GNSS methods), as well as mathematical and computer tools to understand, code or maintain software tools related to these techniques. Starting mid-April, students have a choice between an internship at the Observatory of the Côte d’Azur in Calern or a week focusing on space imagery in Toulouse.

The "Geodesy" course focuses on toposcopic auscultation techniques and geolocation techniques. It trains future experts in space geodesy, GNSS methods and gravimetry. Students are prepared to work in the field of permanent networks and GNSS, in metrology design offices, or in the field of research, in particular concerning the fine measurement of deformations for the prevention of geophysical risks (slip measurement field, deformations of volcanoes)

The "3D and Deformation Measurement" path focuses on methods for measuring and extracting 3D information from images or lidar data. The students choosing this path will be trained to occupy positions of project managers on auscultation or 3D production sites using photogrammetric and lasergrammentric methods.

The path "Remote sensing and photogrammetry" focuses on the processing of images for the extraction of information on the nature and geometry of the phenomena photographed. It trains experts that will be capable, for an identified need, to specify a shooting, to put it into practice, to process it (extraction of information on the geometry and the nature of the phenomena photographed) while controlling the steps and results.

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Updated the 4 December 2018