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Careers in Geomatics

- There is no problem finding employment after attending the ENSG. 40% of ENSG students are hired in the companies where they have done their internship. 100% find a position within 3 months of graduation.
- Most ENSG graduates receive full-time permanent contract offers (CDI).
- In addition to civil service examinations and internships, most students find employment through specialized employment sites on the internet.

Companies hiring ENSG graduates range from small or medium sized to international conglomerates.

Employers having recruited ENSG graduates

For example, ENSG students have found positions in local administrations, regional councils, Cap Gemini, ESRI, IGN, Ifremer, Intergraph, RATP, SNCF, Steria, Total, Soldata, ERDF, General Electric, DGA, Thales, EADS, Veolia, Générale d’Infographie, MATIS Technologies, etc.

Finally, 99% of ENSG students highly recommend the quality of training at the ENSG and appreciate how helpful it is to find a first position.

As for recruiters, 100 of them confidently offered internships or employment to ENSG students in 2011.

Income potential (Annual before taxes, bonuses or commissions)
Expert technician, Licence ProEngineers, masters
From 17 K€ to 26 K€36 K€ average income

- Fields of activity :
For positions combining Computer Science, Cartography and GIS.

Principal sectors of activity in % :
- Audits or Consulting
- Development, Environment
- Construction, Industry, Transportation
- Software publishers
- Energy
- Education, Research
- Public sector enterprises
- Information technologies

Professional activities

- ENSG graduates obtain positions in engineering, assessment or design of Geographic Information Systems, as GIS consultants, project leaders, GIS design, business engineering, Cartographer or Geomatician, Designer or Developer, Project and development engineer, GIS designer, GIS administrator, Cartographic Geomatics engineer, Photogrammetric plotter, etc.

Updated the 6 November 2018