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The ENSG is IGN’s school of Geomatics, where engineering students and other professionals specialized in geographic information technologies, receive undergraduate, postgraduate and further educational training.

What is Geomatics ?

Geomatics is the contraction of "Geography" and "Informatics" (Computer Science).

Geomatics is a relatively new discipline derived from a combination of geographic information sciences and techniques.

Do you use a GPS in your car ?

Then, you will have understood the importance of having digital data stored in your receiver. You might have wondered though at the elegant simplicity of the device capable of locating where you are so easily.

Have you tried navigating on Geoportail ? or on GoogleEarth ? You probably thought that to set up those kinds of internet sites, you would have to be a real expert ! Well, those are the skills that students at the ENSG are trained in.

Geomatics is a rapidly growing field, 15% to 20% per year in the past few years, and still going strong.

Updated the 26 January 2017