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Marie, Norwegian Student at the ENSG

Marie is from Kristiansand, Norway. As part of the Erasmus + exchange program, she spent one semester at the ENSG, in the second year of the engineering cycle. A few days before her departure, we gathered her testimony.

Which courses did you attend and which were your favorite?
«I had courses in webmapping, programming, finance, economics and project management, so I followed the same courses as the others, except English, which I choose not to follow. I really liked the course on web applications, and I progressed a lot in this topic because I had a course in Norway where I had to create a web application without any introduction or information from the teacher (we had to search everything on Google), while here I could understand everything, both in terms of content and interactions. »

Why did you want to study at the ENSG?
«I chose to study at the ENSG because it is the only Geomatics School in France. In Norway, I study engineering specialized in geomatics. »

Did you feel integrated in your class?
«Since French is not my mother tongue, I did not understand everything that was said in class but I felt integrated despite that. »

Did you progress in French?
«I have been studying French since high school, and I took French lessons for a month before starting classes at the ENSG. I also took some during the semester. So I improved a lot in French. »

Are there differences between the Norwegian and French higher education systems?
«I really enjoyed the atmosphere at the ENSG, especially during class. I was indeed in a small group, the teachers could help me more and they knew me. As this is not the case in Norway, it made a big difference for me. »

If you had to promote the ENSG, what would you say?
«If I were to promote the ENSG, I would say it’s the perfect school to study geomatics because people are close and I felt really comfortable. »

What have you planed for the future?
«I do not know yet in which area of geomatics I’m going to specialize, maybe in programming because I am very interested in this subject.»

Updated the 3 December 2018