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The ENSG’s objective is to prepare our students to be professionals in the field of geomatics. In particular, our student-engineers and doctoral students receive state-of-the-art training in the scientific and technical fields of geodesy, photogrammetry, GIS, image processing, etc., which provides them with the necessary skills to work in a wide range of applications, such as urban studies, environmental protection, health care, risk management, etc.

Research training at the ENSG is closely linked to the research laboratories of the National Institute of Geographic and Forest Information (IGN) :

- COGIT : OO Design, Generalization of Topographic Information and Cartography
- LAREG : Geodesy Research Laboratory
- LOEMI : Laboratory of Optronics, Electronics and Mechanics for Instrument Design
- MATIS : Photogrammetry, Computer vision and Remote Sensing Laboratory

with the recent addition (since 2009) of the ENSG’s own Laboratory for Research in Applied Geomatics (LGA).

Bolstered by this double-pronged research approach, both technical and thematic, the ENSG aims to maintain the quality of education provided, while continually adapting to new needs as they arise. The school also hopes to increase the number of its scientific partnerships to further develop a wide network of scientific exchanges and thereby contribute to the notoriety of the still recent field of geomatics.

Updated the 2 September 2013