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Student life


Student life


There are currently 4 student associations, which group activities for students who would like to take a more active part in the ENSG.

Student Union (BDE)

The Student Union (BDE) is the main representative organization for the student body, responsible for organizing :
- student elections for student representatives and class delegates to represent students in commissions and on councils ;
- a freshers’ weekend to help new students integrate the school ;
- extracurricular cultural events such as the European weekend ;
- clubs and other activities with the authorization of the ENSG’s direction.

The Student Union has its own equipped office and recreation room along with an annual budget freely administered for allocation between clubs and events (the junior enterprise has its own budget). Student associations can organize extracurricular events on the school’s premises or elsewhere.

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Sports Bureau (BDS)

The Sports Bureau (BDS) is run by ENSG students to promote the regular practice of sports activities. It offers :
- sports clubs: basketball, ping-pong, badminton, climbing, canyoning, hang-gliding, indoor football, tennis, go-karting, etc.
- weekend events: skiing, horsbackriding, etc.

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The Alumni Association (AAE)

The ENSG’s Alumni Association (AAE) keeps former students in touch with the ENSG and with each other, offers services and provides an organizational structure.
Its objectives include :
- maintaining links between former students who are members and the school;
- sending members updates on new techniques and training offers;
- accompanying students in difficulty by providing guidance or counseling;
- facilitating job searches upon graduation from the ENSG ;
- following career trajectories and the incorporation of new techniques for the recognition of new skills and added qualifications;
- promoting socio-cultural activities for members.

The ENSG’s Alumni Association also represents all former students on the school’s Human Resources Development Council.

Its activities have been developing at a steady pace these past few years, as more and more students are recruited for professional careers outside IGN in increasing numbers.

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Vertigéo, the Junior Enterprise

Created on the initiative of the students themselves, Vertigéo, the junior enterprise, has forged a symbolic link between the school and the professional world of Geomatics. The aim of this non-profit association is to add a professional dimension to the ENSG students’ training by setting up concrete projects according to a business plan. To succeed in these efforts and to offer quality service to users of geographic information, Vertigéo depends on a pool of skilled personnel and technological environment of state-of-the-art quality.

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Updated the 7 June 2013