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ValiLab is a platform for teaching and open technological innovation.
It intends to accelerate synergies between our IGN teaching and research teams and their counterparts in other sciences.

Valilab provides the scientific user communities with the data and tools they need to make the most of their use, in order to advance the research and teaching activity in the various fields of competence. This platform is also known as infoLab. ValiLab also aims to accelerate the valorization of IGN research results as well as those of our partners. The ValiLab aims:

  • to propose a system of information and resources adapted to research and teaching, accelerator of communication between researchers;
  • to design and make available ICT training courses in information technology and the use of geographic information to train geomaticists and data scientists (big data analysts) ;
  • to contribute to the development of research actions on the use of geographic information to facilitate innovation through technology transfers and uses of the IGN standards;
  • to ensure a technological watch and use to capture excellence in geomatics.

The courses in computer science and technologies of information systems cycles ENSG, are taught and prepared by the Valilab as well as in partnership with the UPEM (M1 Geomatics, M2 TSI). It also brings Open Source Geomatics during his preoccupations in teaching and research (FOSS4G participations at ENSG, student contribution, cooperation with free software companies for teaching).

Updated the 16 November 2018